Damir Kusar

AI Transformation Catalyst - Crafting Pathways in the Intelligent Machines Era

Expert in Foresight, Innovation, Digital Transformation | Speaker

Damir Kusar

Speaking & Inspiration

Captivate and inspire your audience with visionary speeches. Ignite innovation and drive forward-thinking cultural transformation with thought-provoking insights into the Future, AI, Robotics and blend visionary ideas with actionable strategies.

Succeed In The AI Era

Transform your AI journey into a success with unparalleled foresight, bespoke growth strategies, innovative thinking, and an AI cultural transformation. Together, we will transform challenges into opportunities and deliver value-driven solutions.

Unleashed Machines


Unleashed Machines

Unleashed Machines explores the AI and Robotics revolution. Technologies, Foresight, Strategies, Transformation, Innovation.

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