Damir Kusar

Generative AI Explorer & PathfinderVisionary Leader, Futurist, Innovator, Engineer & Technologist, Speaker, Dad of Twins

Damir Kusar. Visionary Leader, Futurist, Strategist, Innovator, Technologist, Keynote Speaker. My mission is to unleash the full potential of artificial intelligence, to drive exponential and impactful progress.

Succeed In The Generative AI Era

Transform your AI journey into a success with unparalleled foresight, bespoke growth strategies, innovative thinking, and an AI cultural transformation. Together, we will transform challenges into opportunities and deliver value-driven solutions.

Captivate and inspire your audience with visionary speeches. Ignite innovation and drive forward-thinking cultural transformation with thought-provoking insights into AI and Robotics's future and blend visionary ideas with actionable strategies.



Navigate the future with confidence. Foresight offers a deep dive into emerging trends, helping organizations anticipate changes, adapt strategies, and seize opportunities in the evolving technological landscape.

Craft your strategic path to success in the AI era. Transform your organization's approach to AI, ensuring alignment with your core objectives and leveraging AI for competitive advantage.



Unleash the power of AI. I guide the journey from ideation to execution, creating sustainable value and enhancing your organization's capabilities, customer experiences, and market position. By fostering an environment where creative solutions flourish, we ensure every initiative innovates and propels your business forward.

Transform your organization's leap towards an AI-empowered future. Focus on transforming your organizational culture to fully unlock AI's potential, catalyzing a shift that embraces technological advancement and fosters an environment ripe for the power of AI.


Prompt Engineering

Maximize Generative AI's performance with prompt engineering. Fine-tuned queries ensure precise, effective communication with AI models, which leads to enhanced creativity, better problem-solving, and optimized outcomes. Power up your AI interactions to unlock deeper insights and drive innovation.



Unleashed Machines

Unleashed Machines explores the AI and robotics revolution. Technology, Innovation, Foresight, Strategies. Join the captivating expedition to decipher the secrets of the future.


Generative Art

Synthetic Realities

Discover alternative realities, what if futures, and creative imaginations, all born from the fusion of human creativity and generative artificial intelligence.

Are You Prepared to Unlock Your Future with Generative AI?

Embrace the journey to harness the full power of AI. Start now crafting your future!